Nexus Development Capital

A partner solely dedicated to providing project development capital and expertise to renewable and circular economy assets

Our Vision

Institutional investors are often unable to allocate capital when development risk is present. Nexus Development Capital (“Nexus Dev Cap”) aims to deploy such capital where its significant expertise protects against downside risks.

Renewable and Circular Economy Target Sector Opportunities

Renewable Power




Fuel Cells


Heat Recovery Solutions


Energy Storage


Compressed Air

Carbon Capture

Wood Pellets



Renewable Diesel




Anaerobic Digestion

Landfill Gas

Waste and Water

Wastewater Treatment

Water Resource Efficiency

Recycling Infrastructure


Plastic Conversion


Molded Fiber Packaging


Black Soldier Fly

Alternative Proteins

Hemp Fiber

Ag Pulp

Why do developers want to work with us?

We provide early stage project capital

We understand the development process and the risk at this stage in project development, and we are designed to invest in development projects. We provide capital that does not squeeze the development process.

We are partners, not owners

We partner with developers and provide short term capital and expertise to help a project to reach construction. Once the project is advanced and de-risked, we then assist the developer to source the best permanent capital option among an expanded investor universe, maximizing value to the developer.

We work with many technologies

Nexus PMG teams have analyzed deals across the majority of renewable process technologies. Engineers on staff with 100s of years of collective experience. Not limited to just wind and solar.


The Nexus PMG advantage

Nexus Dev Cap is partnered with Nexus PMG, a sustainable infrastructure project development, engineering, and operations company. We have broad relationships with offtakers, feedstock providers, technology vendors, and the investor community. This partnership allows investment decisions to leverage the technical and operational expertise across all target sectors.

The Nexus PMG Advantage

Nexus Dev Cap is supported by Nexus PMG, the point where project finance, development and operations connect. Our focus is delivering worldclass services to investors and developers on projects that reduce carbon intensity and enhance resource efficiency. Our Integrated business lines provide end-to-end services within each targeted sector including development, preliminary engineering, contract structuring, EPC, commissioning and startup, operational readiness, and process improvement.


Total Projects Screened

Contracts In



Sector Related Clients

Independent Subject Matter Experts

Have a project you want to discuss?

The best way to see if your project is a good fit is to fill out our project questionnaire. The whole process takes about an hour and gives us the information required to facilitate conversations and next steps. Here is an outline of what you will need.

Project Information

  • Site location and site status
  • Project and technology description
  • Cost spent to date
  • Estimate to complete
  • Project model

Execution Plan

  • Development plan and schedule
  • List of key vendors and contractors
  • Identified project risks
  • Capex and opex estimates



Key Contracts

  • Land / site contracts
  • Required permits
  • Feedstock agreements
  • Offtake agreements
  • EPC / vendor agreements


Engineering & Technology

  • Technology vendors, maturity and reference facilities
  • Facility engineering progress
  • O&M plan and risks



  • Management team bios
  • Team relevant experience
  • Existing investors and other capital parties involved


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